Friday, July 16, 2010

The Guys

Josh Ensminger
Best Man
Ryan's Brother.

Trey Seymour
Ryan's Brother In Law

Chris Long
Ryan's Cousin.

John Lane
Ryan's Brother In Law & Friend

Shawn Cordell
Ryan's Friend

Josh Alexander
Ryan's Cousin and one our favorite people!

Tucker Bolton
Ryan's Friend and "Little Brother"

Cortland McCormack
Ring Barrier
Ryan's Cousin.

The Girls

I think I have the prettiest, kindest, and funniest wedding party, friends, and family!

Jamie Seymour
Matron of Honor
Ryan's sister; my best friend.
Tasha Collins
My adorable little sister.
Brooke Collins
My beautiful younger sister.

Mandi Lane
Ryan's sister, my wonderful friend.
Meghan Stout (soon to be Blackmon)
Lifelong Friend since 2nd Grade.
Jessica Conrad
Amazing Friend.
Amy Katherine
College Roommate and Fantastic Friend
Kealey Collins
Jr. Bridesmaid
My cousin.
Calli McCormack
Jr. Bridesmaid
Ryan's cousin.
Cassi McCormack
Jr. Bridesmaid
Ryan's cousin.

Planning Our Big Day!

When we first started planning our big day, Jamie told me to get a binder and print out these checklists from I thought she was crazy! I was thinking, "What do I need with a whole notebook?" "Those lists are forever long, they don't pertain to our wedding." Oh how I was wrong. Once I printed those babies out- I was immediately hooked on the planning.

Now, four months away, my OCD has kicked in (not in a bridezilla way). You should see my notebook. It's full of our checklists, each girl's dress, price list, my inspiration for the guy's tuxes, our registries, receipts, guest list, shower lists, and yet another list for the Tea Party for the Bridesmaids (shh... those details are secret).

Many are curious about the many details of the wedding. I don't want to give away every single beautiful detail, oh heck, who am I kidding... I want everyone to be just as excited as I am. The only thing that I won't post pictures of is my dress and the favors (I want you guys to be suprised too). Our wedding represents us. The wedding is very laid back except that we will be in fancy clothing (yay!). We just want people to enjoy themselves for a couple of hours, laugh, and just be happy!
Wedding: Saturday November 6, 2010 at 4:00 in the afternoon. We've got our invitations from Southern Traditions. They are the traditional ivory invitations. They will be arriving mid September (according to my checklist).
Location: Black Fox Farms (the most beautiful place). We absolutely love it. Everything about it is fantastic. After the ceremony, we will have the reception in the barn with a huge party with our friends and family. If you attend, better bring your dancing shoes. Thanks to Adam Willingham, we will be celebrating and dancing all night!
The ceremony will be held outside, weather permitting. Can't you just imagine the fall colors and beautiful leaves!
This is the inside of the barn. The picture isn't very big, sorry about that. Just imagine this with ivory table cloths. Joe at Black Fox Farms places all of the fall decorations from his nursery. This is all included in the price. We don't have to do any decorations! Aren't we lucky?!

Food: We are having BBQ, potato sald, baked beans, cole slaw, and some good ole fashion sweet tea. The food goes with the feeling of the atmostphere at the barn.

Dresses: The girls have all chosen different dresses but in the same color and same fabric. I love this idea for the simple fact that all 10 of them are different shapes and sizes. Yes, I said 10!! Isn't that crazy?! There have been a few people's eyes bug out of their head when they hear there will be 10 girls standing beside me. I wouldn't change anything about it. They all mean something very important to me. I can't expect them to all look great in the same dress. Also, since they have chosen the dress, there won't be any complaining about what "awful bridesmaid dress" I put them in. Here is my sister's, Brooke, dress. I chose hers to show you, because it's in the right color. Isn't it beautiful! I absolutely love it! The color is called Vintage Bronze. It's not quite a chocolate color, and it shines in the sunshine to give all the girls a princess feeling.

Tuxes: We haven't went and picked out the exact tux just yet. We are planning to do that next week. We've been extremely busy. Here is our inspiration though. The tuxes will be black, with a Vintage Bronze vest and tie. Most people think I'm crazy for having brown and black, but things change, and I think it's very elegant.

Since I've mentioned the number of girls I'm having... I'll just introduce the bridal party in another post.

An Update, A Month Later.

I haven't written a single thing since my last night in Thailand. Wow, it feels like forever since I was there. I still think about my experience just about every day. I don't talk about the trip that much, because I have a hard time discussing it. It was such an amazing time that I'll never do the trip justice with my words. The thing I miss the most about Thailand are the children. Those children are a true gift from God, and I miss them terribly.

There is something I have to look foward to: student teaching, wedding festivities, our wedding, honeymoon, then graduation! Whew, it's about to get busy around here! We've been extremely busy with working during the day, and then working to improve the house too.

Here is the new plan. I plan on to continue my blog. It might end up just being me that reads it, but hey, that's ok. I'll be able to look back at all of the posts and smile.