Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seriously?! I Amaze Myself Sometimes

I had wrote in the last post that my mind was like an eighty year old. I was not kidding. I'm constantly misplacing something! (I'm not even exaggerating!) Here goes my story of how I lost my phone for good tonight!

Ryan and I met my friend Meghan at this hair salon's parking lot (random- yes, but convenient) for me to give her a birthday gift a few weeks late. Don't judge our gift exchanging- we swapped Christmas gifts in February. I was on the phone when I got out of the car, and placed it on my trunk when Meghan arrived (mistake #1). We were talking and chatting girl things while Ryan waited patiently in the car. We kept on talking, and I lost track of time. Ryan and I were supposed to be LFMS at 7:30 for the softball team to try on uniforms. It was now 7:31. We were late ! So I rushed my goodbyes with Meghan, and hopped in the driver's seat and away we went! I kid you not- we had traveled no more than two minutes, and it hit me, I LEFT MY PHONE ON THE TRUNK!

* Side Note- This is not the first time something like this has happened. I once left my Vera Bradley keychain change purse on the hood of my car while in Pigeon Forge back in December. If it had not been for Missy and Becky hearing it run down the back of my car, I would have lost my license, debit card, and student i.d. Luckily, they had strong hearing that day (Jamie & I thought they were going nuts)!

So back to the current phone story- We did not find my phone, even though we backtracked and looked in the parking lot, roads, and even the mud puddles. After I accepted the fact it was gone, I couldn't stop laughing. Ryan on the other hand was furious! He couldn't believe how irresponsible I can be sometimes (I hope he realizes he's marrying someone with an eighty year mind inside a twenty one year old skull). He was just amazed at how I constantly lose things.

He is convinced I'll lose one of our children one day. I don't know if he'll trust me to be alone with them... but I've told him surely they will bang on the roof of the car if I forget to put buckle them in before I drive off singing at the top of my lungs to "Fearless" by Taylor Swift!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Master Plan

I refuse to give you my bio since the ones reading this will more than likely be my family and close friends. Who needs to know the same ole information you already know? My plan is to give information that is new to most people. This blog is also for me, more so than attracting "followers." Everyone that knows me, knows that my mind is like an eighty year old because I constantly lose my cell phone, keys, wallet (very recent tragedy), money, and would easily forget to attach my head if it wasn't already! This will help me capture and express events (big or small) in my life to be able to remember forever!

The Master Plan...

I'm going to Thailand in May! I'm hoping to record the daily events, funny stories, and pictures along the way. I had my first meeting of the semester with the official group last night. We discussed the flight times, roommates, currency, and a little of the itinerary. It hit me, just last night as I was sitting there... I'M GOING TO THAILAND. I'm so excited, but nervous too. I hear wonderful stories from Jenny (went on this trip last year & method's bestie) and she's let me in on little secrets, The Night Bizarre, mangosteen, and more.

Alrighty- I believe this is sufficient enough for my first blog. I feel successful already! I'm hoping I can continue to stick with the blogging during my trip. This will allow Mom & Dad and the rest of the family to keep up to date with our excursions. I can't promise I'll blog after my trip. This might be a one time thing. We'll see :)