Friday, July 16, 2010

An Update, A Month Later.

I haven't written a single thing since my last night in Thailand. Wow, it feels like forever since I was there. I still think about my experience just about every day. I don't talk about the trip that much, because I have a hard time discussing it. It was such an amazing time that I'll never do the trip justice with my words. The thing I miss the most about Thailand are the children. Those children are a true gift from God, and I miss them terribly.

There is something I have to look foward to: student teaching, wedding festivities, our wedding, honeymoon, then graduation! Whew, it's about to get busy around here! We've been extremely busy with working during the day, and then working to improve the house too.

Here is the new plan. I plan on to continue my blog. It might end up just being me that reads it, but hey, that's ok. I'll be able to look back at all of the posts and smile.