Friday, May 14, 2010

14 Hours Later

This trip will be the first of many things. I have now traveled not just out of the town, state, or country, but I'm officially on another continent! How crazy is that!!

This is our double deck plane we were on. Our flight was 14ish hours long. I was able to sleep just about the entire time :) I didn't sleep the night before, so I was dead tired. I was able to squeeze in two movies (Princess & The Frog & It's Complicated) and of course a season of Friends (The One With The Boob Job). Just to let everyone know, I drank lots of water and pineapple juice! I also walked around (a lot) the man beside me didn't enjoy me as a passenger, this I am sure of!

This is the three of us (Laura, Jade & I) in front of our titantic of a plane! See Dad we are already traveling in groups. There will be more pictures for sure!

This is our (Jade above, Mine below) feet after our fight! SWOLLEN! Our toes were so chubby... they are almost back to normal now :)

Can't wait to share more!