Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 20, 2010

Day 6:

We woke up (after a sleepless night) and went on a handicraft tour. The tour consisted of visiting the silver, leather, silk, and umbrella factory. The tour was pretty neat. We were able to see a lot of cool stuff and how it's made.

We went to the silver factory first. We walk in to get an introduction from this man. I can't describe how the man was talking. He was speaking English but I couldn't understand a word. It was seriously like someone had pushed a button, and he was speaking like a robot without taking any breaths. I look around and everyone is trying to hold in their giggles. Dr. Browning had to punch a girl in the arm from laughing so hard. April got a video of him talking... I will upload as soon as she does.

Here are the factories:

After the factory tour, we head to the mall to eat to find out that it will be closing at 12. We see soldiers outside the mall with guns in hand. The mall will also be closed tomorrow. We were able to eat the restaurant at the mall. It was an uneasy feeling having armed men walking outside, but I know they were there for protection in case the red shirts had a riot at the mall. It's pretty cool to know that one day I can tell my grand kids that I experienced a part of Thailand's history.

After lunch, I had to complete some homework for class, and then took a little nap before class. After class we got ready to go on the dinner cruise. I've already explained what a sangthoew is, and me Jade rode on the back of one. It was a cool experience, much better than riding inside :) The dinner cruise was amazing! It was neat to riding down the river seeing sites along the way and enjoying my new favorite food= spring rolls. They really are that great! It was nice to see that people were back in the same routines as before other than the fact we still have curfew throughout the city as a precaution. I'm hoping the curfew is raised soon so we can do more shopping!

Just because things look and seem better, keep praying for us and the country! Thanks!