Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday May 16, 2010

Day 2:
Last night I was dead tired... and went right to sleep just to wake up at 4:00 am (5:00 pm Clevegas time). I had a skype date with Ryan and the family anyways, but still another hour would have been nice. The skype date was great! I got to talk to just about everyone... and have managed to talk to everyone in my family some form. This makes my trip that much better, because I'm still able to communicate with the loved ones :) This is the picture I took of Ryan and Cort while we were skyping. Cort was having a little too much fun just making silly faces at me (Ryan was definitely encouraging this). We will be heading to the orphanage today to have church service and play with the kids, then on to more shopping :)

These are the children at the orphanage. They really are precious. Two of the girls (ages 18 & 21) led our worship this morning. I was completely blown away with the service. I can't explain the children to you... the experience was so humbling. These children don't have parents anymore, and this orphanage gives them a new start. The children are completely different than the ones I'm used to in the classroom. They are grateful for everything. I was expecting to feel sorry for these children when I left, but instead I left feeling sorry for us. We don't have what the children have in their hearts. We definitely fall short. I strive to be like those kids.

Today was really an "Ah-ha" moment, because we were all praising and singing in different languages, but it didn't matter because it was one God, Our God! To think that people don't believe in God is odd to me. After seeing this "other" world and the wonderful things, how can someone not believe a higher authority created this beauty we call home (for now)? Another girl mentioned this today, when we are sleeping back in the States, people are worshipping our same God! (and vice versa) It's incredible to think that God is being worshipped at every moment. Also, if God was so evident on a concrete floor, with no choir, projector, or any elaborate decorations, then why do Americans feel the need to be so fancy with our Christianity. We will be able to show Christ through our actions not by boasting what we can afford.

Here are some more pictures of the children! Enjoy, because I sure did enjoy my time with them. We will be going back on Saturday!

After the orphanage, we (Jade, Laura, Stephanie, and myself) went to the hair salon next door to our hotel. It was amazing! They washed and styled our hair. When they wash your hair, they lay you down on this bed type thing and scrub your hair with shampoo three different times. After the shampoo they condition it. While conditioning your hair they massage your head and temples... Amazing :)