Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday May 21, 2010

Day 7:

Today was incredible! All of us on the trip is an education major except one. So we were all excited about the plans for today. We went to the Thai school and taught some lessons. I was in a group of four, we rotated around four classrooms ranging from sixth grade to eighth. It was amazing. First I need to explain the conditions of the school. The school building was paint LIME GREEN! I loved this because it was so bright and cheerful and inviting. There is no air condition in the school, just a couple fans around the room, I'm telling you it's hot! These are not the conditions I'm used to teaching in let alone living. Most places here don't have central heat and air. I don't know how they survive, but they do it without complaining. The students greeted us, "Good Morning Teeacher!" They yelled this to the top of their lungs. It was the cutest thing. We were in charge of teaching them some English. It was so nice to see the students appreciate the education at a different level than back home. It wasn't just the appreciation for education, it was a completely different look on education. They were so respectful towards their teachers, others, and us! The students never complained about the heat, and let me tell you... I don't know if I would be able to focus under those conditions if it was an everyday thing. It's so hot. They were trying to speak English as hard as they could, and repeat all English words. I found it interesting that the school was 1/5 special ed. There were at least 1 special ed student in each room, and I specifically worked with two blind students. I would help them draw and write by placing my hand over theirs.

This experience just showed me that you don't have to be extra fancy to reach the children if you are strong (it can break your heart), kind, and patient. These kids were wonderful, and I'll never forget this experience.

These kids will forever be in my heart. I had such a good time!

After the Thai school, we went back to the hotel and had lunch. It was amazing! I'm really starting to dig Thai food. The electricity company had cut off the power across the city, because they do maintenance that way. So we were blessed to go to a resort about an hour away. The resort had hot springs and massages. A few of the group got in the hot spring pool. I don't know how they did it. It was extremely hot! I mean, they even boiled eggs in it! I, on the other hand, enjoyed a wonderful foot massage! It was amazing! I can't describe how it felt other than I want one every single day. Here is a picture of me getting my massage :)