Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Day 12:

ZIPLINING BABY! Today was soooo much fun!

At first I was a little apprehensive, because I didn't know what to expect. They hook a harness up to you, and trust me, it's the worse, awkward, and uncomfortable thing to wear! I was safe though, and in the end that's all that really matters. We put on a helmet, which was real attractive- let me tell you.

Our guide was ummmm..... different to say the least. I'll leave it at that.

The ziplining itself was amazing. It was so neat to see the rainforest, and the pretty trees and views from our stands. Some of the people would go upside down (not me). I was too chicken. I did do the superman thing once, and landed into a net. That was neat. I didn't like the propelling so much. It reminded me of Tower of Terror (and we all know how that story ends). I'm so glad I got to experience this, who knows if I'll ever be able to again.

* Side Note: The ziplining company that we went with is called Flight of the Gibbon which was seen on the Amazing Race. I thought that was pretty cool.

Full Body Oil Massage at a place called Let's Relax is amazing! It's incredible. Just to warn you the details to follow could get a little graphic... haha. You start off slipping into some slippers and head upstairs. Two to a room- Jade & I in one, and April & Dr. B in another. We had to take a quick shower rinse off and put on a robe. Okay- most of you know that I'm a very modest person so this experience took me way out of my comfort zone, but hey- It's Thailand Baby, so why not. We lay down face up on the massage table, and the ladies immediately cover us with a light sheet. The massage begins. We had been warned about the places they massage you... and let me tell you, you aren't shy at the end. I don't want to give the massage a bad rap, it was very professional, just different. Apparently, I got the "G" rated version of the massage compared to some of the others- Thank goodness. I tell you though, she definitely massaged my ba-donk-a-donk A LOT... that was the weirdest thing of the whole massage. Overall- my experience was good, and it was fun. I believe we are going to try the Herbal Thai Massage tomorrow.