Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 15, 2010

Day 1:

We arrived a little after midnight on Saturday morning. Here are just a few stories that have happened so far!

Well this was a scare! Jade and I were trying to get the Internet on our computers to work. I had my computer charging using the converter/adapter thing... and after about 30 minutes we hear a loud POP! This is the damage that we caused in the first two hours of being in Thailand... I don't believe Thailand knew who was coming to town! To let everyone know- Dad told me how to plug it up, so I blame him... haha :) It only blew the fuse, and the nice man downstairs fixed it for us!

This is what we look like after 36 + hours of traveling. Our faces look greasy.

Ok so we finally go to bed, and then I'm up three hours later because I slept so much on the plane. I go downstairs and attempt to eat perfectly round eggs (taste like rubber), mini hot dogs (took April's advice and didn't try them), three small slices of tomatoes (DELICIOUS), and toast. After breakfast April treated us with Thai Tea... I don't know how to describe it other than amazing. It's definitely a thing you must experience in Thailand.

We went to the mall to exchange our money and do a little shopping. This was our group! We enjoyed a lovely Thai meal at the Ole Pizza Hut! Authentic Thai food for dinner :)

Just so you know, this is what you get when you order water... bottled water with a side of ice :)

Jade and I on our way back to the hotel after shopping... on to do homework! Then a massage and and more shopping tonight :

We went back to the hotel and worked on homework and took a little nap. We met downstairs to head to dinner and the Night Bazaar. Dinner was simply amazing! We had authentic Thai food tonight at the Antique Restaurant. I would have pictures of that experience, but Jade forgot her camera and I took my camera but left my card in my computer. I will have pictures of the Night Bazaar for everyone to see ASAP! It's definitely something for everyone to see!