Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday May 23, 2010

Day 9:

We had the option to sleep in early this morning, but I chose to talk to my family. The time difference only allows us to catch each other when one side is going to bed or just waking up. I don't care to wake up early and chit chat. Being able to communicate every single day helps the days go by smoothly without the constant urge of homesick in my stomach.

We had church at 10:30. Bishop Somnuk gave the sermon.
* I'm going to take the time to explain who Bishop Somnuk is. He is the overseeer of the Church of God here in Thailand. He lives in Bangkok, but has been amazing and stayed with us in Chiang Mai to help us out and be a little tour guide and protection. He truly has been a blessing. I hate to see him go tomorrow, but he has greater things to accomplish like spending time at the orphanages, opening churches... you know that sort of thing.

After church, we went to lunch at Dukes. It's an American resturant. Everyone loves it. I got a cheese pizza, and it was delicious. After lunch, I was able to experience a wonderful thing called a massage! Dr. Higginbotham (Higgie) paid for this massage! It was wonderful. The massage was called the Dream Package. It's something to die for. Hour and a half. They focus on your feet, legs, hands, back, and neck.