Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday May 19, 2010

Day 5:

We went back to Payap University to hear a lecture on the country of Burma. I can't describe how awful the situation in Burma is. Basically, the regime in Burma is wanting full control over the entire country and citizens. The regime is able to get by with just about anything and everything. They took 20 years to write a democratic constitution saying, the regime can take control back over whenever they want. So what is the point in the constitution? The capital (where the dictator rules) is in the middle of the country, and the "Ethnic" states are surrounding the capital. The Ethnic states rise against the regime when possible. The regime doesn't like to fight the Ethnic groups, because they are aware of how powerful they are. So the regime will pick on normal every day civilians. The government forces the citizens into labor without pay and other crazy inhumane stuff. Who would want to live like this? It reminds me of Hitler's rule, because no one likes the way the country is being ran, but no one will stand against the dictator because fear of losing their life or their families. It's such a sad situation. There is supposed to be an election in October, but we shall see if anything will change.

After the lecture, we head back to hotel and hear about how some of the "Red Shirt" members had surrendered. We were all relieved, until after our class. We get into the elevator, and we read a sign that the government had issued a city wide curfew effective immediately. The moment I read that, Jade and I ran to our rooms to look at the news online. Sure enough- there was a riot on a bride in Chiang Mai (where we are staying). We could see the smoke from the burning tires from the hotel. Just so you know- The Red Shirts aren't armed. I was a little nervous not going to lie. I called Mom and Ryan to reassure them that we are ok.

Just pray for the country of Thailand for guidance and wisdom for this uprising to be settled. Also, pray for those on the trip that are really scared. I felt much better after speaking to Mom & Ryan. Just please continue to pray for us! Love and miss everyone!