Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life = Change

Am I really twenty one, engaged, and entering my last semester in college?! I seriously can't believe it. There have been so many changes in my life, and big changes since college. While, there are some things that have remained consistent in my life... I'm definitely noticing all of the changes now.

Ryan and I are officially starting to plan the rest of our lives. It's all so very exciting ! The wedding planning is coming right along. Things are slowly getting accomplished, with little effort on our part. It's all falling right into place! We've starting looking at houses/apartments, and envisioning our future as Mr. & Mrs. We took our engagement pictures yesterday afternoon. Who knew two hours of pictures could be that much fun!

I recently registered for my last semester of college! WOW! It's really flown by. I'v made terrific friends along the way, and will truly cherish my college years. I'll be graduating in December, and searching for a job! Hello Real World!

Speaking of changes, my new last name will be Ensminger (sound it out phonetically, and you'll pronounce it right)! Are my little students going to be able to swallow Ensminger? I'm sure they will, and if not Mrs. E will be just fine (and easier to write for parent notes). My dad on the other hand isn't too crazy about this particular change. He knows it's part of life, but he was really concerned about Lee announcing my new name at graduation. He is just so proud, that he wanted them to announce Collins instead of Ensminger. I had informed him, that depending on how easy/difficult it'll be changing my name in the system on campus that I might keep it Collins. The plan is Brittany Collins Ensminger! It's a win/win for everyone :)