Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday May 27, 2010

Day 13:

I rode on an elephant today- no big...

We went to the Meataman Elephant Camp about an hour away from Chiang Mai. We first walk by two baby elephants (which has to be the cutest thing ever!). They were in seperate fences, but were playing with each other using their trunks.

If you tipped an elephant then he or she would pick you up with their trunk. It was a weird feeling. The skin is so rough, and elephants are hairy... wasn't expecting that. I tipped my elephant 20 baht and he picked me right up. It was a lot of fun, I have pictures to prove it :)

The elephant show was my favorite part of the day. The elephants go into training when they are about two years old. They can do lots of stuff, it was incredible... did you know that elephants can live up to 100 years? I thought this was fascinating. The elephants started the show out holding up a sign that said "Welcome." They held on to each other's tail and walked in a circle. Then an elephant kicked a soccer ball. I have a video that I will post on Facebook. The coolest thing was when the elephant actually painted a picture! It was incredible... I have tons of pictures :)

Tonight we went to the Night Bazaar, I finished up all of my shopping for other people! I'm pretty pumped about all the goodies I'm bringing back! Can't wait to see everyone.