Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday May 18, 2010 Continued...

Day 4 Continued:


I can't believe I did this. We went to the fish spa. I only went because 1. I'm in Thailand and will never experience anything like this again. 2. Laura and Jade practically twisted my arm (peer pressure sucks).

So this is how the experience went... I'm trying to describe the experience in as much detail as possible so you can get the full effect of how gross it was!

We walk into a very nice looking spa that reeks with fish smell. Giant glass tubs filled with fish and fish the size of minnows. Washed our feet, why we did this before hand is beyond me. Sit down in front of the tub on this pretty cushion. Place your feet in the tub and scream! I was the big chicken and wouldn't put my feet at first, so the screaming only terrified me even more! People heard the screaming miles away. I'm sure people think someone was getting kidnapped the way Dr. Browning screamed like a little girl. You may now call her Dr. Pam Squealer Browning. So I finally put my feet in the water, and jerked them out ASAP! I couldn't handle it. It tickled so bad and then the thought of the fish on my feet was grossing me out! April and I may have had our feet in the water for grand total of 3 minutes. The fish latch on to your feet like mini vaccuums. It's the weirdest thing ever. I will never experience this again...

Caution: This may not be appropriate for younger ages, actually I take that back... It's really not appropriate for anyone to view the following pictures. They will disturb you and possibly make you squirm or become sick.

This is a fake smile. I was not happy about this at all... I was definitely laughing at the other fools sitting beside me. These would be the fools, and there were four more crazies on the other side of the room torturing themselves like us. These were the fish that sucked on our feet... I was ok (not sure if you could really be okay with it) with the smaller fish, but the bigger fish freaked me out. They looked like they belonged in the lake as Stephanie put it.