Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday May 28, 2010

Day 14:

Our Last Day... bittersweet.

I wake up to the feelings of happiness, sadness, comfort, excitement, anxious, humbled, grateful, love all because I'm leaving today. I honestly don't know how to feel. I'm excited to come home and see everyone! I have missed everyone tremendously. Then, I'm sad that we are leaving, because I have made some memories with this group of people, and the orphanage that will be forever embedded into my soul. I could see myself living here, if my family was with me. This side of the world is so different but different can be good right?! I know, once I'm home I'll be happy and there is still God's work to be done in Cleveland, TN too... but I know I'll constantly think back to those precious children at the orphanage.

We went to Tiger Kingdom today to play with the tigers. I definitely got into a cage with the "Big Cats." The tigers are beautiful animals. I do believe the tigers were sedated, because they never moved, they just slept.... so it's not as risky as it sounds at first. I had a better experience with tigers than with stingrays... how does that happen?!

I'm back at the hotel right now while everyone is packing and getting their hair did at the beauty shop across the street. I had mine done this morning before Tiger Kingdom. And of course, it was wonderful as always... the hair washing is truly the best. I'm already packed and ready to go except the minor little things... I just thought I would share the rest of my trip with everyone!